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I get this, you get that - What will you received after the opening of the head-chakra. - Every development is personal.

Headchakra_1: You placed an order? - here is your personal present!

I have already explained to you in the article "The process" that it is positive for the things to come if you think about your wished and intentions. Here I would like to present you some of the possibilities you will have after the opening of your head-chakra. One the one side the answer to your request will be very personal, taylored for your needs and arranged to enable you to make a new step, to grow "on the inner side". On the other side: the thing you get might not be what you intended it to be (I have not yet found out, what happens, if I would complain afterwards).

Headchakra_2: I did not order - but the delivery was matching

30 years ago I go "my delivery". - And I did not recognize what had happed. I was working as a procurement manager in a internation organization, and had taken part, purely because I was interested, in some specialised courses for back-and-spine treatment. At that time I combined various ways of treatment to allow the clients a fast healing process.

My first "different" impressions were quite irritating. I considered that I was tired, of the neon lights had some failure and where flickering while I wass treating my clients. - Until I realized that there was really something different ...

I have worked to a lot of years with the things that were given to me, and I was very successsful in treating a low of people.

Headchakra_3: I made an order - and it was rejected

Yes, It can happen. You are thinking about obtaining a certain knowledge (for a large step in your inner growth, or as a great help for many clients), you ask for it, and the answer is a clear NO! (with exclamation mark). The same happened to me after the second try (with the same target).

Headchakra_4: The second order - a I received something

After the first real "order", which was rejected, I took a long time not asking for anything. On the one side I was working quite hard, on the other side: That what I received without having asked for it what matching very well with the needs of my clients. But 30 years after the first "present" the time was ready to formulate a simply request to enhance the process inside me. - As a result, I reveived something, which was a "literal execution" of my request, and as a second portion I received a "interpreted" version, which is usable for me on one side, but ... well, I have to go along with it, now that I have it.

Remark: Your request for support after the opening of your headchakra may result is very different answers:

Then formulating your request you should be aware that the things you get will be tailored for you. But that does not mean, what you consider possible. Sometime you will not get it. Sometimes your request will be "literally interpreted". But the "delivery" can also consist of things you consider impossible.


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Holger Kohn

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    Die Öffnung des Scheitelchakras ist der Beginn eines Weges, den Sie selber bestimmen. Sie sollten durch Ihre Arbeit mit dem geöffneten Scheitelchakra anstreben, die Wünsche und Fähigkeiten, die sich aus Ihrem bisherigen Leben ergeben haben, weiterzuführen.

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