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The active shamanic voyage in the patient's body - a form a alternative energy treatment

Healing work inside the patient's body as an alternative way of treatment

Healing the patien's body with communicative/energetic treatments

I have alrady shown in other articles, that the opening of the head-chakra opens a communicative/energetic connection. This function is not based on a personal "believe" or any religious orientation and is usually used by the "student" as a basis for an "inner exploration". - But after the opening of the head-chakra many other possible uses of the head-chakra's connections are available: Among others the "active shamanic (body)- voyage, which is a extraordinary alternative healing-treatment within the field of energy-healing.

Theactive shamanic (body)-voyage

The active shamanic body-voyage is a healing-ritual by the healing-practitioner within the body of the patient. I is a very old way of alternative healing. The process can be compared to the "energetic Kung-Fu" or similar energy-defense-measures used in asian martial arts, in which, by "cutting-through" the aura of the opponent, the strengh of the opponent can be reduced without touching him, and before the actual counter-attack takes place.

How is theactive shamanic (body-)voyage been done

The active shamanic (body-)voyage is only done by healing practitioners (Germany) or healers with a considerable knowledge of the body structure. The healers head-chakra must be open, since the communicative/energetic connection via the head-chakra will be used for this alternative healing work. The "connection" will be initialed by the healer, and serves as the basis for the treatment.

Using the communicative and energetic possibilities available to hin via the opened head-chakra, the healing practitioner or healer "connects" to the patients/clients body and performs his healing work directly inside the body of the patients.

Matching his detailed knowledge of the organ functions with the communication and energetic functions of this head-chakra, the healer connects to the patient/client and works directly inside the patient's body.

Due to this constellation, the healer works with extraordinary remedies at the symptoms found in the body, or directly at the root of the illness. So spoken, the active shamanic (body-voyage) is an element of the broad field of energy-healing (in Germany also called "geistige Heilung"), during which, without touching the patient changes are performed by the healer, which as a consequence have an effect inside the patient's body.

Is it possible for the patient to be awake during the body-voyage is performed ?

The general recommendation is, that the patient should be in a relaxed position, lying flat on a bench, or should even be sleeping. The reason is that in a relaxed state or during sleep the body-functions are slower, working at a reduced rate. An intensive activity inside the body might be considered irritating to the healing practicioner/healer.

How are the feelings of the patient during the active shamanic body-voyage

This of course depends on the individual situation of the patient. Generally we find a intensive tiredness after the treatment. The healer himself will also be tired, sometimes exhausted, depending on the intensity of the treatment (no healer will use the process described for small illnesses). After the treatment, changes within the body of the patient have to be recognized by his nerval system and his brain, and both systems have to adapt to the changes initiated. In addition, we have to take into consideration, depending on the intensity of the illness, the changes to the patients Seele. (Seele: German language: the energetic structure inside man, which survives death, contains the elements forming the individuality, and is able to connect to other "Seelenteile" or the universal energetic structure of wisdom, which is formed by "unused" Seelen, before they become part of the human body for a lifetime). When experiencing a reduction of pains after the treatment, and gaining a better ability to structure his own life again, the patient has to learn to give up the support given to him by others when he was severely ill. This is not easy, and takes also learning time for the patient.

...any questions left ? - Remark: This article explains one possible use of the opened head-chakra

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