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The process - your personal decision to ask me to open your head-chakra

Before we meet - consider your wishes and intentions

You are just thinking, whether the opening of your head-chakra is the right action for your life, or whether this process might help you in realizing your intended targets?

It would be helpful, if you would arrive to our meeting with a clearer vision of ways you want to take. Of course, you can decide to simply come to me and speak about yourself, your dreams/visions or your problems. The main thing is: bring a good portion of time in your bag to learn about the crown-chakra and the way to work with it. To simply discuss the basics and their integration of crown-chakra work into your own life, then to listen to elements of my life and to learn, how the work with the head-chakra changes a life, and then for the final action: the opening of your crown-chaka.

The Basics - what are your targets/intentions?

In the first part of our meeting we will talk about you and your life. Maybe you have already a closer vision of parts of your way-of-life, or you want to support your first steps into a professional career. - Even if you are unsure about the future, and cannot see a further way-of development: you should know that the opening of the head chakra is a very personal experience. All that what follows the opening process of the chakra is different for every person: Everyone has a different personality, everybody's way-of-life is different. Your own experiences and the knowledge you have gained may be a basis of the things-to-come, but it might also be different ...

Your inner conversion - part I: This can happen - my life a an example for the changes

In the second part of our meeting I will show you, what can happen, laying out examples of the changes in my life before you. Things that might happen as an answer to your requests, and also bringing forwar the fact that you can be rejected ans an answer to your intentions.

You inner conversion - part II: - or what you should consider to do the

Of yourse we will talk about the things you should do after the opening of your crown-chakra: Simply "doing nothing" after it has been opened, sitting down and doing nothing is quite senseless. Nothing will happen to you then. - At least you should talk one or two times a week some time to open yourself up for contacts.

Your inner conversion - part III: - there will be no "little crown" or a halo to show

One small warning at the end of the portion of the text: you will have to little light on or a halo around your had. And the folks around you will not see the change you have mad with their eyes. You have nothing to show ... - You are just doing this for yourself.

Showtime - the opening of your crown-chakra

After we have talked your the basics, and the examples that happened in my own life, and when your are ready for it, I will open your head chakra. Afterwars we will talk about the different ways and possibilities.

Comment: Your wish for support may end in different answers

When formulating your requests you should be aware that the answers will be "tailored" for you. But that must not mean, that you get what you though to be posssible. The "package" might end up in something that you considered impossible.


You can find me close to Heidelberg, Germany


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  • Summarized Content:

    The opening of your crown-chaka is the first step of a way that you decide to go on your own. By working with your open head-chakra, you should go forward to realize your wishes and abilities that you have gained in your former lifespan.

    This text is part of the website: "", which informs you of the crown-chakra.

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