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My biography-page - this is me

As an introduction:

Hello to You, my name is Holger Korn, and I started in May 2019 to teach interested people in a place near Heidelberg, Germany. Among other this I offer the opening of the head/crown-chakra. Furthermore, I teach hypnosis according to Milton Erickson, a first knowledge of of Aura and energy-work, and the schamanistic body-voyage (which should not be confused with the "schamanistic voyage", which is offered by various people, and a way to self-knowledge and decision-support).

Working to earn my life - the time of the "normal life"

As nearly everybody around you, I spend a large part of my life to earn my money for everydays needs. After an apprenticeship as an oil merchant and studying as a translator I have been working for a long time as purchasing manage for a large international enterprise.

A second life aside the first one

Aside the "real" work described above I learned a lot of different this (Feldenkrais, Shiatsu, energy-work, individual muscle treatment, back-treatment, hypnosis, reiki and more) to bring the "interrelated human aspects" in my life. - I often had the luck to find in well-organized seminars the "teachers" for the next field of knowledge. I looked like somebody had made up a list, in which I simple had to "X" the next portion to learn. And there were always people coming to ask for that, what I had learned just before.

Transformation, part 1: - Changes inside me

The this I know describe as transformation did take part, after my head/crown-chakra had been opened. All seminars and teachings, which I had finished before, were part of the "touchable" knowledge around me. Muscles were treated by massages; meridianes could be worked on; with the underconsciousness I was able to talk to turn back the individual person's time and change his/her past experiences. - Now, with the opening of my head/crown-chakra, I was "entitled to expect wonders", and I was given the opportunity to contact "new worlds" inside me.

Transformation, part 2: - I learned to view pains in the aura patients

I all started on a certain day many decades ago: I started to work somebodys back unter the white light of a flourescent lamp. I recogned a flickering effect over the person's body when I moved my hand over his back, I first thought I was tired, or that my eyes were irritated from a long day's work. - Since this phenomenon did show up during every treatment, I researched deeper and found, that the flickering spots were pain areas. "The more flicker occured when moving my hand over the body, the more irritation (mostly felt as pains) were present in that area of the body. Points flickering in other areas of the body, for example on the legs, were shown a treating points for back pains. In the end, and after doing many individual treatments, I was able to find that my treatments had been reducing the pains, which was visible for me in a reduced flickering in the formed pain area.

Stepping forward on the way to impatience - I want to grow

For many years I have been working with the ability given to me: to see pains and "irregularities" in the aura of patients. That ability supported my massage-treatments, and made them very successfull. Other treatments used were balancing the aura after the massage-treatment, using Feldeskrais treatments, or Hypnosis based on Milton Erickson's approach, used a single treatment or as a support to other treatments. Man, however, is always trying to step forward, no longer satisfight with want he received, and want ... more.

Entitlement to wonders: I want more ...

Given to me was the word, that I was entitled to wonders. So I sat down, and formulated for me the most important target: Edgar Cayce was a very important seer, who made many "readings" for ill people. Being in Trance, he not only defined their illnesses without them being in presence, but also mentioned the pharmaceutical ways of treatment (medication know, sometimes somewhere hidden, or even describing new ways of using medication). Thats what I wanted to be able to do. And since an open head-chakra is not only an energy-portal, but also a facility for communication purposes, I made that entitlement clear, and asked to be given that ability when communication with Edgar's soul. - Back came a clear rejection: A No ! [with an exclamation mark].

Entitlement to wonders: ... and get something else

So I got a rejection. For a while I was able to live with it, but man is simply man, and the state of being "not satisfight", (even I that what was given was targeted and helpful), comes into being again and again. So I formulated a second time myy entitlement to a wonder, using the head-chakra as a portal. This time with the formulation: "I want to see more" (this time not being to limited, as I did it in my first request). The result of my request appeared on the return from a holiday-trip: my glasses, produced by an optrician after measuring my eyes with the latest equipment, and always adjusting to a complete clear sight, seemed to change its dioptry-values in short time, while driving, a car driving in front of my car was getting more and more distorted and on the final miles to my home I had a clearer view without glasses than I had with my specially produced glasses. Since the changes where still active at home, I used old reading-glasses, which had half of the dioptries of the glasses I used on the holiday-trip.

This is what I got after my request

In short words: The eye-testing procedure in February 2018 (the glasses made for the holiday-trip) resulted in -4 dioptries, and 50 % visibility with glasses. The test in spring 2019 showed values of -3 dioptries, and 100 % visibility with glasses. ... But that was only the first part.

Transformation, part 3:

I anyone of you had the wish to view the future at a time it had not taken part, be cautious: I now know why most seers did not make any statements on the timeframe, when things would happen: You see pictures, you have the matching feelings, but you don't know then things will happen. - I myself have been shown some things of my future, but not to know when these things will come into being is simply ... very meagre.

Advice: Your request for support made via your head-chakra can result in different answers

When formulation your with/request, you should be award that the answer will always be "taylored" for you. That does not mean that you get, what you consider to be possible. The "delivery" may contain in elements you consider to be impossible.


Sie finden mich in der Nähe von Heidelberg

Holger Kohn

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