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Remarks on how you can work with your head-chakra opened by me

I have alread described in former texts, that the opening of your head-chakra will be a very personal experience. That, what follows, will always be taylored to you. Every person has a different personality, the track of internal development is different, and the occupational or personal targets are subject to an individual decision-system.

That does that mean for you? - Let me show you some examples: You are working in a "healing" profession, and you are satisfight with the procedures and tools you can use in the "outside world". On the other side, you would like to have some support in the research of illnesses or on things happening inside the patients. By your own efforts and a similar use of the communikation portion of your opened head-chakra you can get to the right "connections", and you will be able to better see and understand the details of your patient's illnesses. If you are not asking for further measures, you can limit yourself to used only the communicative portion of your head-chakra. I want to add one sentence given to me long time ago:"He who limits himself, is limited".

Of course you can use, after your head-chakra has been opened, also the field of energetic work. - You can learn to work with the aura, see pain-areas in the aura, or you heal with using releasing points shown to you in the aura. This actions by your opened head-chakra gives you a further advantage, and will be, for you as a headling-practicioner, a great help when working with patients.

As the next step you can set your personal emphasis on a very special healing field and the corresponding use of your head-chakra. You can use the "aktive schamanic voyage", which is done inside the patient. Here you can used the communicative, as well as the energetic portion of your opened head-chakra. Now you can used remedies which are not available in the "outside world". When using this special healing work, you are limited only by your own thinking. All ways of healing are open for you.

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  • Summary

    With the opening of your head-chakra you enter a way that is expecially made for you. You should intend to extend the abilities that you have been given in the previous portion of your life. You can devide to work with the individual "workfields" of your opened head-chakra, or you can used the whole "power-machine".

    this text is part of the website: "das-scheitelchakra-oeffnen.de", which informs on the head-chakra and ways to use it.

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