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Baptism and the opening of the head-chakra - lost connections

The early form of baptism

The procedure of baptism is an element of the early Christian church (there are similar elements in a row of other religions and/or organizations, which intend to enhance the inner growth and wisdom of humans. Over the centuries, and with the growth of the churches as an element of power the original baptism proceeding were reduced to a mere symbol, no longer containing the formerly present elements, that initialed the transformation of the human to be baptized.

The original proceeding during the baptism and the meaning of the elements performed.

In the beginning the process of baptism was make the aufnahme in the gemeinschaft visible and emotionally experience. At that time nobody thought of the later churches, which would form a strong leadership and later a power-organization. The feeling of being a part of a condensed group came into being by the opening of the head-chakra of the baptized person, thus connecting the baptized person to the source of universal wisdom. In the early times, diving a person under water for baptism was meant feelable "reset"-procedure, but was only the visible portion of the proceedings of baptism.

Intended impact of the baptism

By opening of the head chakra as a central part of the baptism-proceeding a re-connection of the baptized person's soul with the free-floating soul elements it being initiated. By this action, a connection between the person's soul and the "universal" portion of the souls (the storage) is being made. The effect is the experience of being unlimited, and at the same time to be connected with the universal wisdom.

To ensure the the baptized person becomes aware of the changes and transformation effected inside him, it is necessary that the person is able to see himself as a unique being (before being baptized), and for him to feel the connections made inside his body (after being baptized).

For the targets des described above, it is now clear the the batism of a baby would not make much sense: To enable the opened head-chakra to work, and to keep it is a stable working condition, a regular meditation of at least a certain concentration on the head-chakra is necessary. To baptise a baby was not part of the original procedure of baptism, since a baby is not award of himself as a being, and would not have been able to realize the changed state of consciousness after being baptized.

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  • In short:

    The opening of the head-chakra was a part of the original baptism-proceedings. This ealy connection was forgotten, or intentionally left out during the development of the church as an institution of power and pressure. So the original ritual of baptism with the important element of openening the head chakra was reduced to a mere symbolic baptism-procedure, with could no longer transform the baptized person isde.

    This text is part of the website: "das-scheitelchakra-oeffnen.de", which informed about the openeing of the head-chakra.

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